Since 1990

Since 1990 - The BOTY History Conference is a project created to highlight the cultural value of Battle of the Year in the youth culture scene and relive the youth social changes during the past 25 years from the Battle of the Year perspective. The conference was created thanks to the contribution of the BOTY Team and founder Thomas Hergenroether (Germany) along with long-time contributors of BOTY like like Crazy (Switzerland), Mode2 (UK) and Storm (Germany). The first conference ever was held in Rome, Italy on Friday, September 18th 2015 at the Goethe-Institut Rom in front of a mixed audience of journalists, culture activists and representatives of the Hip Hop scene.


a timeline on the history of BOTY and the evolution of the culture


the evolution of BOTY through the artworks by Mode2


Interviews and interaction with pioneers and contributors


A forum for students and younger generations